"Suzy" - In a NEW McDonalds Commercial!

NEW - Suzy our chimp shows of her skills imitating actors eating 'hot' food! - released March of 2015.
Steve Martins Working Wildlife

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Ivory, has been recorded as the oldest living leopard by Guinness!
Ivory, the world's Oldest Living Leopard!
Please visit his entry on the Guinness Book of World Records Site!


We have hundreds of animal actors who have appeared in Feature Films, Television Series, Commercials, Video’s, Stills/Print ads, Live events, Parties, Displays and Parades. Our animal trainers are specialized professionals, qualified to discuss the details of your shoot, which will insure you a safe, smooth and successful performance from the animal(s) you are interested in. Each trainer cares for and trains their particular animals, from bottle feeding to adulthood. Babies are raised at home with the trainer and their family members, creating loving and fun animals to be around. Our attention to love and caring for each animal sets us apart from others, as can easily be seen on every shoot, party or live event. 

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